Boosie Badazz's Daughter Claims Rapper Took Back Her Car Because She Went To Care For Her Mom

Boosie's under fire from his own family members.

BYBen Mock
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Boosie Badazz's daughter Tori went on an absolute tear on Instagram, alleging that the rapper took back the car he had gifted her. Furthermore, Tori claims that the reason for the repossession was that she had gone to car for her recently injured mother, who Boosie had accused on claiming child support against him.

"Who gives there daughter a car...Take it back...ON TOP OF THAT GIVE HER A COLOR SHE DON'T EVEN LIKE BECAUSE YOU NOT "FATHER" ENOUGH TO REMEMBER THE LIL SHIT BOUT YO OWN DAUGHTER. N***a took the car back just cause I left from atl to help my mom who damn near lost her life in a car wreck...BUT THAT'S Y'ALL FAVORITE RAPPER THO! I CAN REALLY RUN IT HOW FAR HE A BITCH. N***A DON'T WANT ME TO AIR IT." Tori's claims spanned several slides on her Instagram story, including several videos as well.

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Boosie Badazz's Daughter Skewers Him Online

Tori's rant continued with a passion. "Don't no HOE run in my blood, my momma blood run all through me like she damn near made me herself! Torence just a sperm donor that AINT MY FATHER. DONT ACT LIKE 1 NEVER DID, ONLY ACTED LIKE 1 when he knew props was going to be given OR just for social media! ole social media loving ass. I HATE N***AS."

"Idc about allat "you needa post this" ... "ppl want to see you down" whoot the whoot, nun that phase me because ok yes I'm mad because that was my car BUT ITS THE FACT N***A POSED TO BE A FATHER! BUT N***A NEVER HAD A FATHER TO BE ONE SO IG I UNDERSTAND. BUT STILL don't front on social media or to ppl like you the father of the year cause you not! It's n***as with NO MONEY AND A BETTER FATHER THAN YOU." Tori also noted that on some level she expected this to happen as Boosie reportedly kept the car in his name when he gave it to her. She claimed that her older siblings had received cars in their mother's name.


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