DaBaby Shows Gianni Paolo How To Rock A Durag

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BET Awards Media House - Day 2
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 24: DaBaby speaks onstage during BET Awards Media House at Quixote Studios West Hollywood on June 24, 2023 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET)
Gianni Paolo says it "just feels right."

In a new clip, DaBaby is seen teaching Gianni Paolo of Power how to properly tie a durag. The clip shows the actor struggling before DaBaby steps in to assist him. As DaBaby puts the durag on him, Paolo says "God, this just feels right." DaBaby agrees, telling the actor that he'll be sure to get him more "in every color."

The clip comes from a behind the scenes YouTube video of a recent music video shoot posted by Paolo. He stars in DaBaby's new music video for "SHAKE SUMN (Remix)" featuring Sexyy Red. The actor is shown rocking the durag in the video, which explains why he had to get some help from DaBaby. The video also features DaBaby dressed up as a fireman, while Paolo is tied up and twerked on by Sexyy Red.

Gianni Paolo Says The Durag "Just Feels Right"

Recently, Gianni Paolo also revealed that he has a thing for Coi Leray. He spoke to TMZ, claiming that the "Players" artist actually left him on read not too long ago. “Team single for life — unless it’s Coi Leray,” he told the outlet, “I mean she left me on read a couple weeks ago, which is cr*zy.” He further shared that he came on strong when shooting his shot. "I just said like, ‘You’re my wife,'" he explained, "that’s the opening line always. So, I said that. [She] viewed that, viewed my whole story — and I was like damn."

DaBaby also recently shared a heartfelt birthday message for 50 Cent, the co-creator of Power, on social media. "I tell you all the time words can’t express how much I appreciate the relationship I got with you," he wrote, "Since the day I met ya you done gave me a life time worth of game & motivation." He went on to call 50 Cent a "walking BLESSING," telling him "you the last role model I got left!"

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