A free XXXTentacion show in Tampa was shut down Saturday night due to overcrowding. Fights broke out and numerous fans reported that police used tear gas to disperse concertgoers, a claim that the Tampa Police Department denies.

“Shit was insane. Fans broke [XXX’s] mirror off,” Reddit user u/idmfk wrote. “Apparently 4,000 people showed up and the venue capacity was 750 and the fire marshal said close it down for safety reasons. Nonetheless the police start popping tear gas because the crowd started rioting and fighting each other. Had to protect my girl from the stampede that ensued.”

XXX penned a letter to fans apologizing for how the night transpired, writing:

“Tampa, my deepest apologies, I drove all the way down here, I drove four hours just to basically have the show cancelled on me. Apparently because it was over capacity, there [were] at least 3,000-4,000 of you outside, the venue could only support 750. As far as the new free show, I’m going to try and get a free show going, but that was the only venue that wanted to work with me. So just bear with me, I’m going to do my best to work this out. But for now the show is cancelled, NOT due to my choice, it was just the venue and the fire marshal said we could not do the show.”

XXX’s album 17 earned 86K first-week sales and the admiration of Kendrick Lamar. Check out tweet and videos from the cancelled Tampa show below. Stream 17 here.

Tampa Police Shut Down Free XXXTentacion Show, Fans Riot



Tampa Police Shut Down Free XXXTentacion Show, Fans Riot