Beyonce Gets Crowd To Wish Solange A Happy Birthday In Frankfurt

Happy birthday Solange!

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Beyoncé is coming to the end of the European leg of the Renaissance Tour. Beginning on May 10 in Stockholm, Beyoncé has held 19 concerts across 13 cities in 9 countries. The North American leg of the tour begins in Toronto on July 8.

The June 24 concert in Frankfurt, Germany marked the third-from-last stop of the European leg. It also happened to coincide with the 37th birthday of Beyoncé's younger sister, Solange.

In front of a packed crowd at Deutsche Bank Park, Beyoncé shouted out her sister before getting the concert-goers to wish her a happy birthday. Meanwhile, the Beyhive dug up some adorable throwback footage of Solange.

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Solange Dances With Blue Ivy In Adorable Throwback Footage

As mentioned, the Beyhive had a present on its own. Spread on social media by Beyoncé's dedicated fanbase, the somewhat grainy footage appears to show Solange dancing with her niece, Blue Ivy.

However, some fans believe the footage actually shows Solange dancing with her younger niece, Rumi. While it has not blossomed into an all-out fandom war, the debate has been fairly spirited.

Regardless of who is dancing with Solange, it's an adorable video. Furthermore, it just goes to show the bond that is held by the various members of the Knowles family. But do you think it's Blue or Rumi? Let us know in the comments.

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Dancer Prevents Nip Slip In Hamburg

Elsewhere, one of Beyoncé's long-time dancers prevented disaster during the June 21 concert in Hamburg. As Beyoncé performed "BREAK MY SOUL", one of the straps of her dress began to slip. This could have potentially led to an internet-breaking nip slip in the historic German city.

However, disaster was averted as one of the Les Twins danced in front of Beyoncé as she fixed her wardrobe. In fact, the process was so seamless that many people didn't even clock it as anything more than part of the choreography.

This has led to widespread praise of the dancer, for both his quick thinking and professionalism. However, it's not the only technical difficulty the tour has faced. In London, a mid-song costume change nearly cost Beyoncé her headset. Meanwhile, she was visibly unimpressed with members of the crew while in Amsterdam.

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