17-year old Lil Pump has been making waves within the music industry, coupling a repetitive rap style oftentimes with ignorant actions on camera. With his latest release “Gucci Gang,” Pump does not reinvent the wheel, and sticks to his proven method of racking up plays. Accumulating almost 1 million plays within the first 24 hours of release, it’s clear he’ll be here to stay for a bit, at least. With lyrics as reckless as his character, it’s obvious why so many have gravitated to his movement.

Alongside best friend Smokepurpp, he has been having a great year musically. Currently prepping the Lil Pump Tape, which he teased at the beginning of August would be arriving “sooner than you think.” In the interim, he’s basically been having repeat viral moments since his first breakthrough in 2016– and he only started releasing songs on Soundcloud in 2015. In this list, we will be looking at some of his most reckless antics since the Florida native quickly rose to fame.


Crashing the Porsche

On May 30th,  Lil Pump made a post on Instagram of a newly-purchased yellow Porsche, and proceeded to flex, showing off his money. Before hopping into the Porsche, he reminds the viewers that he is the “youngest flexer” doing it, stating that was the reason people hate him. The next day, though, he made a twitter post, stating that he “crashed his porsche” (ouu), with an image that clearly showed the dent in the Porsche. He evidently wasn’t too bothered by it, as a fan apparently spotted him driving the dented Porsche later that same day.


Firing Pointless Shots

Despite the fact that Lil Pump is basically incriminating himself every time he pulls his weapons out, the “youngest flexer” has on multiple occasions fired shots into the sky, and out of car windows, which he follows with an “esketit” — his catchphrase. Though this may be hilarious to some, we can’t ignore the fact that he is actually endangering people’s lives with this antic.

Giving a Fade to Fan

When faced with “fake fans,” or people who come to shows just to disrespect him and/or his crew, Lil Pump does not shy away from giving these “fans” the hands. On one occasion during the No Jumper tour, someone yelled “Fuck Lil Pump,” before being kicked in the face by Pump, and catching the fade amongst his loyal fans. Check out footage of the incident in question below.

High School Expulsion

During an interview with The Mars Files, Lil Pump detailed the events which led to him being expelled from his high school. According to Lil Pump, this situation transpired from a beef he had gotten into the previous day. On the day of the incident, he was high at school off Xanax, and had forgotten about the issue. Somehow, according to Pump, a school-wide riot was incited based off this beef. Lil Pump stated helicopters, K-9s were present on the scene. As a result he was expelled from that school, as well as all public schools within his district. After the altercation Pump began attending a opportunity school, which he dropped out from in the 10th grade.

Pointing automatic rifles at himself

On various occasions, photographs have been posted on social media platforms, Twitter and Instagram, of Lil Pump pointing automatic rifles toward himself. The purpose of pointing these weapons toward himself is unclear, but he clearly has a thing for it. Hopefully these guns are unloaded, because this habit could end badly.


NSFW Instagram Live  

Lil Pump has been repeatedly banned from Instagram and Twitter for posting obscene images. During an Instagram live, Smokepurpp captured Lil Pump receiving head from a groupie. This may be typical rapper behaviour, but they both may have forgotten that Pump was only 16-years old. Maybe Pump should think about locking the door next time.

Uncondoned Smoke Session

During one of his meet-and-greets during the No Jumper Tour, Lil Pump tried smoking weed out in the open, before security asked him to move. In pure Lil Pump fashion, he responded with an “I don’t give a fuck.”  He then proceeded to roll up in front of security, and told them all that he should be their security, before continuing to meet his fans.

Crazy stage dive

The new age rapper is all about on stage gymnastics. With Lil Pump bringing so much energy to his shows, and stage diving from increasingly higher heights, it feels like it’s only a matter of time before someone gets injured, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. During a show on July 29, out in Canada, Lil Pump jumped from the venue’s top balcony. Though this does not compare to the infamous jump of Lil Uzi Vert, it’s still quite the leap of faith on Pump’s part, at 30-feet high.

Threatening Mall Go-er

During a trip to the mall, Lil Pump got into an altercation with an unknown civilian.The altercation was caught on camera, and was later reposted by DJ Akademiks– although it’s since been removed entirely. Within the clip, swarms of fans can be seen capturing the event on their smartphones, as Pump attempts to confront the would-be culprit. The youngest flexer does not react well when confronted, as he can be heard saying “I’ll slap your broke ass,” towards the mall go-er. The reason for the animosity is still unknown, but Lil Pump has a reputation for barely needing a reason to go off.

“Fuck J. Cole” Diss

Out of the blue, Lil Pump targeted J. Cole back in April. By declaring war with J. Cole, he maintained the message “fuck all that lyrical shit,” which his music clearly reflects, as he sticks to repetitive, infectious rhymes that his fans have fallen in love with. With the constant disrespect he shows, and disregard for rules, it’s unlikely that Lil Pump will take his foot off the brakes anytime soon. The diss track Pump previewed never fully surfaced, and this instance marked one of the first times Lil Pump made headlines across the internet.