Whether you’re familiar with Blac Youngsta through his music, his controversial feud with Young Dolph, or his straight up hilarious, money-stroking antics on Instagram, you can’t deny that dude is one of the most vibrant characters in hip-hop. While he clearly enjoys throwing money around like an utter boss, there’s clearly a sharp savvy behind the persona. Otherwise, how else would he have gotten to where he is? That doesn’t mean his music is for everyone, but to write off Blac Youngsta as a fool would be questionable judgment on your part.

While his most recent drop I’m Innocent largely dealt with his arrest over alleged involvement in a drive-by shooting, before that project came Fuck Everybody. The 2016 mixtape, which featured a star-studded lineup of guest appearances from QuavoYoung Thug, Jacquees, and YFN Lucci, managed to put Blac Youngsta on the map as an artist to watch, building on his established (if inadvertent) platform as a social media entertainer. Despite the fact that he recently made headlines for potentially retiring from the jewelry-copping game, Blac Youngsta also took the opportunity to announce the existence of his new mixtape – Fuck Everybody 2. 

Clearly, Youngsta has a lot on his mind, and from the sound of it, some serious grievances to air. He also shared what looks to be an album cover of sorts, in which he holds an iced-out watch in the palm of his hand. It’s appropriate in the wake of his alleged retirement from jewelry. While this technically looks like an announcement, Youngsta has yet to reveal a release date, tracklist, or potential sonic direction. All we know is that it does indeed exist, and Blac Youngsta is feeling like introducing it into the world. 

Will you be checking for this, or should Blac Youngsta stick to social media hilarity? 


Blac Youngsta

Blac Youngsta Teases "F*ck Everybody 2" Mixtape