Not only is Hurricane Harvey destroying the state of Texas & the morality of the people trying to stay dry & alive, but it also reportedly destroyed the archives of some UGK material as well. On Wednesday night, UGK member Bun B’s wife, Queenie, shared an Instagram post stating the situation of their family members in Houston, along with mentioning of the lost archives.

In a now deleted post, Queenie revealed that Pimp C’s son was stranded in his grandmother’s house along with his wife and a 79-year-old neighbor. Although the post has since been deleted as mentioned, Pimp C’s widow, Chinara Butler, reposted the message with Queenie’s latest update in the caption, and in it she revealed that she got in touch with Pimp C’s son, Lil Chad, who said he was near an overflowing reservoir. Queenie also revealed that “all archives of UGK that was left is now gone.”

While the loss of UGK material is no doubt disappointing, Chinara was able to keep things in perspective and asked for fans to do the same. “Please be thankful for what you have. Do not complain about anything,” she wrote.

Complex was able to speak with Chinara’s manager Cherrell Rene who informed them that her client has not had the opportunity to follow up with Lil Chad’s situation since she posted the Instagram message. However, they assume he is fine as they have not received any more queries for help.

“I would like to also state on behalf of my client that she did not confirm the loss of UGK or Pimp C archives and memorabilia as outlets are reporting,” Rene said via email. “Chinara simply shared a message in hopes of getting Chad Jr some assistance.”

It isn’t exactly known yet as for what was in the archive from UGK that they lost, but it’s definitely an unfortunate day for hip-hop fans. Check out the news in the captions of the IG posts (below).



UGK's Archives Reportedly Destroyed By Hurricane Harvey