Chrisean Rock Tells Blueface He Took Their Beef "So Far"

Chrisean Rock let Blueface know "It's all good."

BYCaroline Fisher
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In a recent Instagram story, Chrisean Rock sent a message to her ex, Blueface. In her message, Rock says she can't believe the rapper is still upset with her. She called the two of them "enemies," claiming that Blueface took their beef "so far." She went on to apologize for her actions, telling the rapper that she appreciates him and reminding him that no matter what happens, "it's all good."

Her Instagram story begins, "Man I'm honestly human, making me feel something out of anger or something just because we ain't seeing eye to eye [you want to] drag it out." She continues, telling him, "I always [and] will always appreciate you for everything even you changing my life. I can't believe you are still here upset with me. I said things out of context [and] you took it so far that we enemies." "We was supposed to take sh*t up in private but we didn't," Rock says.

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Chrisean Rock Tells Blueface "It's All Good"

"I made other [people] feel superior due to whatever we beefing on [Instagram] about. I apologize you definitely think I must be competing with you I'm not, it's nothing wrong with earning my own while you right next to me," she continues. Rock says, "Crazy thing about it we ain't even supposed to be eye to eye," claiming they should instead be, "back to back [and covering] each other." "I'm crazy enough to believe this is meant for good. You can walk away [and] get a breath just know it's all good blue. It's painful but it's still good," she ends the message.

Last week, Rock shared her thoughts about their breakup amid her pregnancy. She wrote on Twitter, "It’s just Chrisean now Chrisean And God.“ Adding, "We welcoming this baby soon, but the version [and] vision I have is out of this world, it’s happening as I’m typing. The negative shit been behind me.” "Going so far away that there’s no invite on my planet," she said.

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