Usher Remixes “Nice & Slow” After Receiving Doctorate

Usher celebrates his honorary Doctorate from Berklee.

BYCaroline Fisher
Usher Remixes “Nice & Slow” After Receiving Doctorate

Usher was made an honorary Doctor by Berklee College of Music over the weekend. The ceremony took place on Saturday at Boston University's Agganis Arena. The R&B singer was seen celebrating in a post on Instagram by fellow musician Jermaine Dupri. The performers were in high spirits at the event where Usher was awarded for his contributions to music as well as his philanthropy. Dupri attended the ceremony and later shared a clip of Usher wearing his cap and gown. In the clip, Dupri can be heard saying "My man joins my club today." He went on to say, "Dr. Raymond, congratulations."

Usher went on to reference his track "Nice & Slow" from his 1997 album, My Way. He plays on the song's original lyrics, changing them to "They call me D-o-c-t-o-r R-a-y-m-o-n-d." Usher later commented on Dupri's post, restating the remixed lyrics. He added, "I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share a message to the next generation of artists, producers, vocalists, arrangers, dancers and more.” Reminding graduates to, "Be brave." He tells them, "I hope your spark never goes away."

Usher Urges Graduates To "Make Great Things"

The artist also shared an inspiring message in his commencement speech earlier in the day. He stated, "My goal as an artist has always been to inspire people to make a positive impact through my music, to make you feel something." Going on to say, "Last night I felt proud…of the legacy that has been built and that we’re building together as artists." He told the graduating class to "keep running past that finish line [of your goals], break the barriers, identify that spark in you that motivates you to keep going." He also told them not to expect everything to be perfect and run smoothly." Usher urged the graduates to "Take what you’ve learned here [at Berklee], go into the world, and make great things.”

Usher was joined at the commencement ceremony by his mother, his partner Jennifer Goicoechea, and his sons Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond. Dupri as well as another frequent collaborator, Rico Love, also attended to show their support. Dupri received his own honorary doctorate from The Art Institute of Atlanta last June.


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