Logic Says Joe Budden Is "Hurt, Smart" & "A F***ing Hater"

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Logic Joe Budden Hurt Smart Hater
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A fun game of word association finally elicited a response from Logic after Joe Budden's bashing.

After a couple of months of silence, Logic finally responded to Joe Budden's most recent takedown of him. Moreover, the Maryland spitter joined MSNBC's Ari Melber this week for an interview, during which they played a word association game. When Melber mentioned the rapper and podcaster, the "Lightsabers" MC called Budden "a hurt man, a very smart man and a f***ing hater" with a laugh. For those unaware, Joe trashed him for his smooth cover of Ice Cube's classic track, "It Was A Good Day." With that, he continued a tradition of hating on Logic that he's been on for years.

"Logic, I beg of you, I’m pleading with you: please join me in retirement,” Joe Budden expressed on his podcast. “Never step near a recording device again! Throw your phone in the ocean! Be allergic to microphones! Promise your fans nothing! Don’t go to the studio ever again! You are the worst, yo! You are really, really bad! And then when we think he can’t get any worse, you have the bright idea of doing an Ice Cube flip."

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Logic Responds To Joe Budden Hating On His Ice Cube Cover

Of course, their "beef" goes way back to 2019, when Joe Budden told Logic that he should've retired much earlier when he announced as such. In fact, he even went back and forth with his former Slaughterhouse partner KXNG Crooked over whether he's hating too much. Regardless, it seems like Logic isn't really paying it too much attention. Back in 2020, he expressed that he doesn't really have any ill will towards the Harlem-born MC. "I love Joe Budden," he shared to Complex during an interview. "Joe Budden is my brother, he’s my older brother. And regardless if he hates me or not, we are part of the same family tree of hip-hop- the same roots of hip-hop. I’ve never met Joe Budden, I’ve never shaken Joe Budden’s hand, we’ve never had a conversation. He does not know me personally."

"For the last few years, every time I do anything, it’s this guy telling me that I’m shit, that I’m not good enough," he continued. "And when somebody says that all the time, you’re just like, ‘Damn. Really? What did I do to this guy?' And then I also realized that Joe Budden was a damaged person- I’m a damaged person. I’ve gone through a lot of s**t. He’s got a lot of anger inside of him, and if I’m his punching bag, so be it. If I can help him in some way, cool. If him s***ting on me makes his day better, by all means. I wish he was nicer, I guess. But I’m not over here losing sleep. I really love this guy, and I wish him the best, and I just want him to be happy." For more on Logic and Joe Budden, return to HNHH.

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