Protests erupted in Anaheim last night, due to a viral video that shows an off-duty LAPD officer opening fire during a confrontation with several teens outside of his home in Anaheim. Police eventually declared the protest to be an unlawful assembly and arrested 24 people on misdemeanor charges, including failure to disperse, reports RT

Two teens were arrested for their involvement in the incident, one for making criminal threats and battery and the other for assault and battery, according to a statement from the Anaheim Police Department. The off-duty officer has not been arrested. 

The confrontation took place on Tuesday afternoon, as a dispute began between the off-duty cop and a group of teens from a nearby high school after the students had allegedly walked on his lawn.

Footage of the incident begins with the cop holding one teen by the shirt. One teen makes an effort to separate them, and then another suddenly bulldozes the officer into the bushes in an effort to defend his friend.

Once he gets up, the cop tries to pull the same kid he was holding onto before across the bushes and onto a driveway. He draws his gun when other teens rush to surround them. He opens fire moments later, causing most of the teens to run away. 

Nobody was struck by the gunfire.

The father of one of the arrested teens, Christian Dorscht — who the cop was holding onto — told OCWeekly that his son was defending a girl who the officer had called a “cunt” for stepping on his lawn. Dorscht was released from a juvenile detention center on Wednesday evening. His father plans to take legal action against the department. 

The APD as well as the LAPD are both conducting ongoing investigations on the highly publicized altercation. 

Protestors gathered outside of the off-duty cop’s house last night, prompting riot police to stand in the front yard.


Video Of Off-Duty Cop Opening Fire At Group Of Teens Sparks Protests In Anaheim