Atlanta police have released surveillance footage from the March 4, 2016 studio shooting that left Bankroll Fresh dead.

The footage, which Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News first aired Wednesday night, depicts the moments before Bankroll was gunned down at Atlanta’s Street Execs studio. Bankroll is seen toting an assault rifle and staring down a black sedan across the street. Police have said that they believe he fired the first shot. 

No Plug has taken responsibility for the shooting and claims he acted in self-defense. “We’re trying to decipher if that person who is claiming self-defense truly was defending themselves,” Atlanta homicide detective Major Adam Lee informed Channel 2.

The case remains open and is being investigated by the District Attorney’s office. “We are considering additional evidence we discovered in this case,” the DA’s office said in statement. “Because of this information, we have not been able to make a decision by the original deadline. Once we reach a decision, we will notify the families and then the public.”

Watch the surveillance footage courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Bankroll Fresh

Police Believe Bankroll Fresh Fired First Shots In Fatal Shooting