Fivio Foreign's Got His Chain Snatched

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Inside the Marc Jacobs x i-D Coachella Party
Fivio Foreign at the Marc Jacobs x i-D Coachella Party in Indio, California on April 15, 2023. (Photo by Katie Jones/WWD via Getty Images)

Looks like Fivio's chain going on a greasy neck tour.

It appears Fivio Foreign has been going through it these past few months. Whether it's unpaid videographers, baby mama drama, or his street cred getting questioned Fivi can't catch a break. Not only that the New York Drill star had to miss Rolling Loud due to some health issues. However, Fivio Foreign did reach out with a heartfelt tweet to the festival and his fans. In tandem with his apology, he also said, "My first time missing a show and I feel so crazy about it but my body dealing w some real issues.. Juss keep me in yah prayers."

Fivio Foreign's absence from the music festival comes about a month after he revealed he was going through some mental struggles. "Scratch dat.. I’m not healed I’m depressed..," he tweeted. Although, amidst missing Rolling Loud, the New York rhymer did tease a new track with Meek Mill as a consolation. Now, it seems Fivio Foreign is finding himself dealing with more bumps in the road. A few days ago, news leaked that the rapper's chain has been stolen.

Fivio Foreign's Chain Is On Tour

In a recent interview, Big Pluto, the man claiming to have Fivi's chain loosely admitted to snatching it. When asked if that was the rapper's neck jewelry, he detailed that Fivio Foreign did a deal with a jeweler to make duplicates. In the video with 16ShotEm, Pluto is seen with the chain around his neck. Not only that, the diamond piece was Fiviio Foreign's infamous demon time chain. Additionally, the chain snatcher verified the piece with 16 by sharing that it was engraved with Fivio's name.

Later in the interview, Pluto mentioned that the demon time chain only went as far as the name. "I guess it mean[s] demon time, but n-ggas don't be on that for real," he said to 16. After confirming the owner of the chain, Pluto mentioned that Fivio's camp has been threatening him in his DMs. It appears Fivio Foreign's chain is going on a world tour, who knows if he'll get it back. Do you think he'll get his chain back? What do you think of this situation? Let the HNHH crew know in the comments below.

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