Exclusive: Yung Miami Talks Drama In Women’s Rap

The City Girls rapper would rather not get into beef.

BYNoah Grant
Exclusive: Yung Miami Talks Drama In Women’s Rap

In an exclusive clip from a new interview on The Jason Lee Show, Yung Miami makes it clear she wants no part in any beef. However, if she has to stand behind her people, she will. The City Girls rapper sat down with the host to chat about the state of women's rap. In the interview, Lee asks Miami what she thinks the reason might be for there being so much drama between female rappers. After thinking about it for a second, the rapper says she really isn't sure. "I don't even know," she begins. "I be at home with my kids, ugly with a bun and all. I don't even get into that. But I really don't know."

Yung Miami goes on to say that she thinks things would be better if female rappers supported each other. "I feel like it would be so much [more fun] if everybody could just be together," she says. "We could bring each other out on shows and just link up. I feel like bad b*tches should really link up. That would be dope if everybody could just... bring their personalities together." It's no surprise that Yung Miami feels this way as she is in the rap duo City Girls with fellow MC JT.

Yung Miami Won't Hesitate To Get Involved If She Has To

Jason Lee goes on to mention how things seemed friendlier between female rappers in the 90s. "That's how it was in the 90s... You had so many women who were just doing their thing, and then when they linked up it was a good time," he says. Now, however, he says that many times you have to take accountability for things your friends or industry peers say. "Because you are in a group, do you ever feel accountable for things that maybe JT is involved with?" Lee asks Miami. "Like if you do something or even maybe just say something random and somebody takes it some way, then she gets held accountable... Do you feel like there's a part of that?"

Yung Miami makes it clear that she will stand behind her friends, regardless. "I feel like I really don't care because I'm gonna stand behind her..." the rapper says. "If she says something and I've gotta stand on it, I'm gonna stand on it because that's my b*tch. We a group." At least JT can rest easy knowing that Yung Miami has her back if any new feuds arise. What do you think of Miami's view on beef in female rap? Let us know in the comments below! The Jason Lee Show will premiere tonight at 10 PM EST. Moreover, episodes will air every Tuesday at the exact same time.

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