JoJo Says AI Music Should Be “Embraced”

JoJo says AI is to be loved, not feared

BYBen Mock
JoJo Says AI Music Should Be “Embraced”

The AI debate is one of the most controversial topics in tech right now. AI technologies, such as art generators and chatbots are becoming more and more prevalent. However, there is a growing opposition to the technology. Firstly, these AI tools work via machine learning. This means that they "learn" based off the contents of databases made available to them. However, the problem with this is that it means they are essentially mashing together elements of pre-existing works. To a lot of artists and writers, this is just stealing their work.

Furthermore, AI is now being used deceptively. An AI startup recently posted a clip of a song their software had created. The song was not just in the style of Drake, it had been created to intentionally sound like a Drake song sung by Drake. As AI regulation begins to gain steam, its proponents and supporters say the technology is inevitable.

JoJo Says If You Can't Beat It Join It To AI music

Vermont-born singer JoJo has become the latest supporter of AI music. Speaking with TMZ, she called AI music technology "interesting" and argued that it could be used for "harmonies and backgrounds". Additionally, she said that the use of the technology was inevitable and the music industry shouldn't wait too long to embrace it. While a fair point, a lot of people said similar things about the metaverse and well, how's that going for people?

However, JoJo is not the only musician who has been sharing their views on AI music. Khalid, also speaking with TMZ said he saw the potential benefits of AI but was afraid of what it meant for human performers. Moreover, this has been a valid concern across many AI fields. In one viral instance, an artist was working on a drawing on Twitch. A viewer took the drawing, fed into an AI to finish before the artist did, and demanded credit as if they were the original creator. AI clearly isn't going anywhere for the time being. However, it appears that the music industry is split on whether it should be embraced or rejected.


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