Tyrese Fights Judge’s Custody Settlement Ruling

The actor has no plan to simply accept the ruling.

BYNoah Grant
Tyrese Fights Judge’s Custody Settlement Ruling

Yesterday, we reported that actor Tyrese Gibson has been ordered to pay $650,000 in child support and legal fees. This settlement is in regard to his ongoing custody case with his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson. The decision was made by a judge in Fulton County court yesterday. While the overall sum is massive, most of it won't even go to his ex-wife. The majority of the money will go to Samantha's attorney, who accounts for $399,000 of the total. Tyrese has to pay $237,944 for child support to his ex-wife.

The ruling comes less than a year after Tyrese complained about being asked to pay $10,000 per month to his ex. Last fall, he argued in court that the amount was excessive. According to the actor, Samantha earns a good income herself. Therefore, she shouldn't need nearly so much from him. He also accused the judge of being biased against him due to his race. However, it's unclear if there is any truth to this claim. Now, Tyrese has made it clear that he has no intention of just rolling over and accepting the ruling.

Tyrese Can Afford It, But He's Not Going Down So Easily

Some may think Tyrese's reluctance to pay the huge sum stems from a lack of funds. However, according to the actor, that isn't the case. Tyrese claims that he has the means to pay the $636,000 child support and legal fees. However, he believes that the judge's ruling was unfair and intends to challenge it in court. He did not say whether or not this was due to his belief that the judge was being racist. However, he made it clear that he was fighting for dads everywhere.

The Fast and Furious actor stated his intentions at LAX airport. TMZ caught up with him while he was in transit. The impromptu interview took place just one day after the judge ordered him to pay $237,000 to Samantha Lee Gibson for child support and $399,000 to her attorneys. Although Tyrese is committed to supporting his children, he is determined to fight against the ruling and plans to appeal it. What do you think of Tyrese's decision to fight the ruling? Sound off in the comments!


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