YSL RICO Lawyer Calls “Cap” On Previously Presented Information While Addressing Judge In Court

We’re over three months into proceedings in the highly anticipated trial and still, a jury hasn’t been selected.

BYHayley Hynes
YSL RICO Lawyer Calls “Cap” On Previously Presented Information While Addressing Judge In Court

YSL fans hoping to see Young Thug get his freedom back earlier this year have been nothing short of disappointed. Over three months into proceedings, a jury has yet to even be selected, let alone give us any indication of the embattled rapper's fate. He's surely is hoping to return home to his family in the coming months. Still, things aren't looking great for Thugger, largely due to the unprofessional – and sometimes illegal – antics taking place in court. Many of them have had nothing to do with the YSL leader specifically. However, they are prolonging the process by causing delays.

This month alone, we've seen a potential juror sentenced to jail time for filming the selection process. Shortly after that, one of Jeffrey Williams' co-defendants was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation after claiming he was given legal advice from former President Donald Trump. The latest bout of ridiculousness took place on Monday (April 17), when Thug was present in court along with the 13 other men accused of committing crimes alongside him. During the hearing, both sides presented motions to Judge Ural Glanville, though one attorney was notably lacking in professionalism.

YSL Attorney Uses Slang During Proceedings

"I will start by saying that this assertion that I did not mention before argument," the defense began, though he was quickly cut off by the Judge. "Don't worry about that, OK?" Glanville told him. "Because I'd have to do it anyway. So, don't even worry about that." Rather than brushing it off, the lawyer clapped back at his superior, "I was just saying, it's not true. It's cap, to be honest." Whether the case's honourable was aware of the slang's meaning or not is unclear, but regardless, social media users are having a field day talking about a video of the incident.

In @theneighborhoodtalk's comment section, one person wrote, "All that money and he got his cousin to be his lawyer🤣 🤣. This ain’t gone end well 🤦🏾‍♂️." Others joked, "Lol it’s giving public defender 😂," and "He definitely has been around his clients too long 😂." Do you think that the YSL lawyer's behaviour was out of line? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop news updates.


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