Moneybagg Yo Opens New Restaurant

The rapper has become a restauranteur after opening a new restaurant in Memphis.

BYNoah Grant
Moneybagg Yo Opens New Restaurant

Moneybagg Yo has officially crossed the threshold into the restauranteur business. The "Wockesha" rapper just opened his own restaurant in his hometown, Memphis. This is not the first business move for Moneybagg. Though he is now based in Atlanta, he has been attempting to actively invest in Memphis. This has led him to give money to local alkaline water business Vior. Additionally, Moneybagg Yo bought a plot of land to build a community center. He plans to name it after his late friend, Nuskie. The announcement of the restaurant opening is some much needed good press for Moneybagg. Recently, The rapper was dragged into an alleged sex tape scandal.

On February 27, a Twitter account named "@igmodeltearoom" shared a picture from a sex tape. The page said that the man in the picture was Moneybagg Yo. Another account named "Gossip of the City Tea" chimed in, as well.They claimed that the rapper had met the woman in the video at a New York strip club. “She recorded them fking. I’m limited to what I can post regarding this situation," the account tweeted cryptically. Having caught wind of the rumors, Moneybagg tweeted a response shutting down the allegations. "Mane stop mentioning me in this picture of somebody getting f*cked," he said. "Y'all ppl WIERD bra my whole body tatted sh*t not me!” Still, for reasons unknown, it seems like the rapper and girlfriend Ari Fletcher may not be on the best of terms.

Moneybagg Yo's Upscale Dining Experience

Negative headlines and cheating allegations aside, Moneybagg Yo looks extremely happy to be investing in Memphis. In a video posted to Twitter, the rapper cuts a black ribbon, signifying the official opening of his restaurant. Moneybagg was very involved with the details of the restaurant. He will not, however, be taking part in day-to-day operations. The establishment, named Cache 42, has also enlisted Daris Leatherwood as its chef. Leatherwood was previously Lil Wayne's private chef, so patrons can surely expect a fine dining experience.

Moneybagg Yo may not be having the best luck in his personal life lately, but his career is booming. In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, the rapper's hotly anticipated new album is expected to be released in the near future. Just a few days ago, Moneybagg took to Instagram live to let fans know that the album is imminent. In the meantime, fans in the Memphis area can check out Cache 42 for an upscale dining experience.


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