Yung Joc Thinks Diddy Outshines Jermaine Dupri In Knowing What’s “Hot”

Joc was signed to Bad Bay decades ago, and he’s believes Puff is better an marketing and being a “flagship artist of his brand.”

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Yung Joc Thinks Diddy Outshines Jermaine Dupri In Knowing What’s “Hot”

No one is quite sure when Verzuz will make its triumphant return, but fans are looking forward to Jermaine Dupri versus Sean "Diddy" Combs. This pending match-up has been hyped for years, and while there was a time when a look from the two was just gossip, Dupri confirmed it's in development. The So So Def hitmaker hasn't been quiet about wanting to face off with his mogul peer. He's declared himself the underdog in interviews, but Dupri is insistent that his catalog outweighs Diddy's heat.

However, Yung Joc takes a different stance. He visited Math Hoffa's My Expert Opinion and spoke on the two icons. “I always felt like Diddy understood how to go to the next level of what he was doing,” said the Love & Hip Hop star. “JD did, too, but JD again was doing so many other things that he didn’t focus on his artistry as much as Diddy did." Both Diddy and Dupri helped produce classic hits, but they also saw charting success as artists.

Yung Joc Explains Choosing Diddy

The "It's Goin' Down" rapper added, “Diddy kinda stands next to what’s hot." Joc explained that when Diddy is attached to something, "he makes it hotter." He said, "[Diddy] will acknowledge what’s hot, and his acknowledgment brings awareness to what’s hot. And he blows it up. In theory, you think of all parties involved, and nine times out of ten, who was the bigger party involved? Diddy. So he understands marketing, and that’s the difference that he got over JD.”

Joc further argued that Dupri "focused on his strengths as a producer and writer." However, Diddy was more of an artist or "flagship artist of his brand." The rapper said, “No matter who he had, he’s branded as the flagship of Bad Boy. JD is So So Def, but the other artists were bigger than JD.” Some believe that Joc isn't as objective as he portrays; although he resides in Atlanta, where Jermaine Dupri is like a music god, Joc was also signed to Diddy's Bad Boy decades ago.

A Must-Watch Verzuz

ATLANTA - JUNE 18: Jermaine Dupri, Yung Joc, Bryan Michael Cox, Kid Dupri and Bryan J at The Magnum Live Large Project VIP Party at Ventanas on June 18, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Trojan)

It will be interesting to see how this Verzuz unfolds. Whatever side you're hedging your bets on, undoubtedly, both men deserve their flowers. They've playfully talked that talk to one another on Livestreams to hype their Verzuz appearance, and Hip Hop is looking forward to it. Check out Yung Joc on My Expert Opinion above.

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