Tasha K Apologizes To Cardi B After Losing Appeal In $4Mil Case

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In a five-page decision, the appeals court sided with Cardi and the blogger will have to fork over millions.

It looks like Tasha K will have to pay up in her case with Cardi B, and the blogger returns with a note to the rapper. It's been an intense back-and-forth between Cardi and Tasha for years after the latter shared false information about the rapper. On her platforms, Tasha claimed that Cardi had an STD, performed sex acts on stage at strip clubs, worked as a prostitute, and used drugs. The "WAP" hitmaker denied those allegations, and after being antagonized online, she sued Tasha K. After lengthy litigation, a court sided with Cardi to the tune of $4 million. Immediately, Tasha and her legal team filed an appeal.

However, it has been reported that Tasha also lost her appeal, and she has to cough up millions. She addressed the loss on Instagram, where she penned an apology to Cardi. "Damn Winos! We lost the appeal... against #CardiB sad day.. but I'm gonna be alright... I appreciate all your love & support. Throughout this fight. Today we throw in the white flag... what happened will never happen again... To Cardi & Her team, I apologize sincere. We Live, & Learn."

Appeals Court Responds To Tasha K

Tasha's attorneys previously argued that the court didn't take a proper look at the evidence against Cardi. They also stated that the judge suppressed or withheld evidence that would have supported Tasha. The appeals court issued a five-page response along with their decision. “Defendant Latasha Kebe asks for a new trial, saying that there was insufficient evidence for the jury verdict against her,” they wrote. “But as she all but admits, she didn’t make either of the required post-verdict motions in the district court.”

“She never tells us where in the 5500-page record the district court’s alleged errors can be found,” the court documents continued. “Because Kebe's brief falls well short of what we require, she has abandoned this argument.” Meanwhile, the Bronx rapper's attorneys Andrew Pequignot and Lisa Moore gave a statement to Billboard about this latest decision. “We’re obviously pleased that the Eleventh Circuit has affirmed the jury’s unanimous and important verdict, which we believe was more than amply supported by the evidence presented in the case.”

A Warning For Bloggers

Tasha K hasn't been the only blogger that an artist has taken to court. Last Fall, Nicki Minaj filed a lawsuit against Marley Green, known as Noesey Heaux. Minaj is suing the vlogger for defamation and has requested $75K in damages. Green alleged that the Rap icon was "cokehead," said her "bloodline was disgusting," and fired off comments about her son growing up to be a rapist. The rapper's husband, Kenneth Petty, was accused of rape in the 1990s and served time after copping to a plea.


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