Kodak Black's Best Songs

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2022 American Music Awards - Arrivals
Kodak Black attends the 2022 American Music Awards. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

What is your favorite Kodak Black song?

While some may consider Kodak Black's song controversial, it is impossible to deny that he has had a successful career. Kodak Black is an American rapper and songwriter. At his younger age, Kodak Black has done a lot in his life. Even though he has done various criminal things and tries to be sneaky to get to the top, Kodak has a heartwarming spirit. Also, this has helped him get to the top of his game.

Apparently, Kodak has already delivered a massive number of hits in such a short period. Without further ado, here are Kodak Black's best all-time tracks.

Kodak Black Song: "Roll in Peace"

With "Roll in Peace," Kodak brings heavy bass with a catchy hook and a rocking instrumental. Even though the song came out in 2017, many of his fans still listen to it over and over again.

Fundamentally, the melody of the flute, which is slightly out of tune, goes well with the sound of Kodak's voice, which is rough. "Roll in Peace" has been regarded as one of his best songs since its release.

"Codeine Dreaming" (Feat. Lil Wayne)

In this song, Kodak Black goes into full story mode, with synth plucks that are repeated to make a catchy melody. The simple instrumental allows plenty of space for the artist's lyrics, and the pitch-changing 808s provide excellent dynamic variation. 

"Codeine Dreaming" also features Lil Wayne's backing vocals, making it one of the best Kodak Black songs and collaborations. More so, the hook stands out because it has a lot of intensity and a lot of movement.


Even though this song came out a decade ago, it is still one of Kodak Black greatest song. "NO FLOCKIN," shows how good he was back then. During a time when the artist was getting more fans, he did a great job of copying the trap sound of the time.

If you've heard of any of his recent work, you'll notice that his rapping skills have changed a lot. Also, the quality of the production shows how far he's come as an artist. Even though new Kodak fans might not know the song, long-time fans consider it to be one of his best works.

Kodak Black Song: "Tunnel Vision" (2017)

Kodak Black discussed a lot of systemic problems and also talks about his own life in this song. The rapper from South Florida raps about his time in prison and how the criminal justice system is unfair to Black men. In the video for "Tunnel Vision," Kodak is shown in front of a burning cross. This is a reference to how the KKK burned crosses in front of the homes of Black people in the early 1900s. Later in the video, the rapper talks about a white man wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat who is about to shoot a black man when his gun jams and a little girl yells "Stop!" Interestingly, RIAA has certified this song six times platinum.


Kodak Black put out "SKRT," which has a more R&B sound, to appeal to a different group of listeners. In this song, he shows off his ability to harmonize and also writes catchy lines for each stanza.

The music is much quieter than his usual style, with tired piano chords and percussion parts that move with his lines. Also, the song has been certified platinum by the RIAA.

"ZEZE" by Travis Scott and Offset 

Kodak recruits Travis Scott and Offset for "ZEZE" off of his 2018 album 'Dying to Live'. On this track, all three rappers brag about the best things in life. Luckily, this song debuted at No. 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100, making it the highest-charting single that starts with "Z." The previous record holder was a cover of "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" by Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans, which reached No. 8 in 1963. RIAA has also certified this song six times platinum.

Kodak Black Song: "VOODOO" by Future and Kodak Black (2022)

Future enlisted Kodak Black on the song "VOODOO," which was on his 2022 album "I Never Liked You." Kaash Paige, who is an R&B singer, adds more vocals to the song. In this catchy trap song, Future raps about expensive things and drugs, while Kodak compares the devil and the angel. The song debuted at No. 39 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.


The song "Versatile" by Kodak Black came out in 2017, and by time in his career, he's proven himseilf. Many people think this is one of Kodak Black's best songs because of the raw message and how much it has helped him as an artist. Nonetheless, the instrumental doesn't change a lot, but the piano melody keeps the song interesting.


Another iconic single from Kodak's early career, the instrumental on "Skrilla" is instantly recognized during live events. Also, it resonates with any die-hard Kodak fan from the first note alone. Even though the production value is low, Kodak is known for this kind of raw sound. At the same time, the quality of the production is typical of this type of rap music in 2014 and 2015. 

Kodak Black Song: "Like Dat"

Lastly, we are wrapping up this list with another banger from Kodak. "Like Dat" by Kodak Black is an alternative and peaceful instrumental song with a lot of synth-driven chords and melodies. The song moves slowly, but the strong bass line makes it bang your head. Many fans like Kodak's tougher songs better. However, every now and then, he releases a mellow gem that becomes a fan favorite for years to come.


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