Hurricane Chris Victim Gets Compared To Deebo From "Friday" In Court

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Hurricane Chris Visits MTV's "TRL" - October 23, 2007
Rapper Hurricane Chris appears on MTV's "TRL" at MTV Studios in New York City's Times Square on October 23, 2007. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic)

The rapper is currently on trial for a June 2020 shooting.

Grammy-nominated rapper Hurricane Chris is now on trial for a shooting that occurred in June 2020. He's facing murder charges after shooting Danzeria O. Ferris Jr. in Louisiana. The incident took place on June 19th when Hurricane, whose real name is Christopher Dooley, claimed to have caught Ferris trying to steal his car outside of a gas station. Due to the misunderstanding, the musician shot Danzeria, which quickly proved to be fatal.

After the shooting, officers arrived at the scene to find Danzeria with several gunshot wounds. The man later passed away in the hospital. It is reported that Ferris Jr. had his final moments at the Texaco on Hollywood Avenue. Now, Hurricane's trial is officially beginning three years later. Despite the fact that he was driving a stolen car, he is confident in his innocence. In a weird turn of events, the rapper's lawyer compared the victim to a Friday character, Deebo. Not only did the lawyer make the comparison verbally, but they also showed a photo of the actor to the jury.

Hurricane Chris Lawyer Compares Victim To Movie Character

After the shooting on June 19th, Hurricane Chris is now being charged with second-degree murder. He is also being charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. Interestingly enough, this is the same vehicle that the artist believes was stolen by the now-deceased victim. After the artist's attorney made his comparison, 911 phone calls were played for the jury. The audio was reportedly so distressing that a woman left the courtroom.

Hurricane is currently pleading not guilty. His defense team is claiming self-defense as the cause of the incident. Despite how confident he is about his innocence, many people are not buying his excuse. Especially given the apparent low blow made by his attorney comparing the dead victim to a movie character. The fact that Chris was driving a stolen car has also caused some people to raise their eyebrows. The trial started recently on March 8th. While the trial is still in its early stage of development, many people believe that the case is a pretty open-and-shut one. Check back later for any updates on the trial.


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