LeBron James is easily one of the biggest athletes in the entire world. Overall, he is a global superstar who is extremely recognizable. Interestingly enough, he doesn’t do a lot to maintain any sort of mystique. At this point, we all know what LeBron’s interests are and we more often than not get his takes on other athletes. Although some don’t like this, there are plenty of others out there who approve of his honesty. After all, it is this brutal honesty that makes James come off as that much more authentic.

As it stands, James has been out of the Los Angeles Lakers lineup with a foot injury. For now, he is out indefinitely, and there is no telling if he can come back in time for the playoffs. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t paying attention to the basketball world. LeBron is a proud owner of an NBA League Pass subscription, and he has definitely been using it during his time off. Unfortunately for some players throughout the league, James is not impressed with what he has seen.

LeBron Speaks

While taking to Twitter, LeBron noted that he thinks his son Bronny could enter the NBA right now and get significant minutes. For LeBron, this is because there is an overabundance of scrubs in the league. “Man Bronny definitely better than some of these cats I’ve been watching on league pass today. Shit lightweight hilarious,” James wrote. These words are a true indictment of the current NBA product. However, one has to wonder if LeBron was sipping a bit of wine while writing this. It’s hard to imagine James being bold enough to say something like this without just a tiny bit of liquid courage.

Either way, the notion that Bronny could play in the league right now is a bit premature. We still have to see him dominate in college. As it stands, he has yet to pick his college program, although USC, Oregon, and Ohio State are the finalists. Once he does pick a program, the media attention will be thrust upon that school for at least one year. Overall, it is going to be very fun to watch. Let us know what you thought of LeBron’s tweet, in the comments below.