A representative for Andrew Tate recently called out Internet haters for making fun of his hair. Moreover, the online trolling stems from a tweet that Tate sent out from prison concerning the changes he’s seen in himself since his incarceration. “I saw my reflection today and I barely recognized myself,” the tweet read. “A long beard, a full head of hair, and the stresses of battle show on my face. But then I looked into my eyes and recognized myself completely. They cannot break me.” Afterwards, many on social media clowned the alleged assaulter and human trafficker.

“‘A full head of hair’ is kinda stretching it bro,” one user wrote via Twitter. Another added, “Is this ‘full head of hair’ in the room with us right now?” Elsewhere, people joked that he actually looked at his also incarcerated brother (who has more hair on his head) instead of his reflection. “Man was looking at his brother and thought it was his reflection” one tweeter expressed with some laughing-crying emojis. “Full head of air more like.” Then, a member of Tate’s camp addressed these jokes and jabs.

Representative To Andrew Tate Responds To Hair Jabs

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – FEBRUARY 01: Former kickboxer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan leave court with police cars after their trial in Bucharest, Romania on February 01, 2023. (Photo by Alex Nicodim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

“The peculiar online fascination with Andrew’s hair has proven, as a society, we care less about the potential dangers of false accusations and more about how people look,” they stated to TMZ. Moreover, the attacks on his hair come after recent pictures show wisps of hair forming on his usually bald head. Still, it looks like Tate will likely remain in prison for some time. Furthermore, he lost a third appeal to dismiss an extension of his sentence, and his recently received a third 30-day extension of his jail time alongside his brother.

Meanwhile, news of Tate’s arrest took a shocking turn after recent reports that he’s allegedly battling lung cancer. While many rightfully denounced Tate for his alleged actions and his definite history of disparaging remarks and attitudes, that’s never a battle to wish on anyone. As such, many hope that his circumstances don’t exacerbate his medical battle, while hopefully hoping advocating for accountability for his behavior nonetheless. Regardless, come back to HNHH for the latest big news on Andrew Tate.