Content Warning: this article includes graphic details of sexual assault that some readers might find triggering. 

Lil Mosey is in the clear following accusations of rape in 2021. According to TMZ, a jury found the “Blueberry Faygo” rapper not guilty of a second-degree rape charge on Thursday as he maintained his innocence since the charges emerged. A key component in the verdict relied on a polygraph test that he passed regarding the incident that went down in Washington in 2021. The rapper has yet to comment on the matter but with the case behind him, he can now focus on his career.

A woman claimed that Mosey and his friend assaulted her and her girlfriend after visiting him at a cabin. In the affidavit, she said that she consented to have sexual relations with Mosey, only to black out shortly after. She said that she woke up to Mosey on top of her. His accuser said she blacked out again to find another man on top of her. She claimed that she suffered bruising on her arm, neck, and knee while alleging that the rapper and his friend bragged about “training two girls” during the house party.

Lil Mosey Denied Allegations 

The rapper’s maintained his innocence since the charges emerged. Though the woman claimed she blacked out from alcohol, which wouldn’t allow her to consent, he pushed the court to introduce evidence that revealed previous sexual encounters. Due to Washington’s “rape shield” statute, they usually prevent prior sexual relationships to be admitted into evidence. The judge eventually blocked the evidence from entering the trial.

Shortly after the jury cleared him of wrongdoing in the case, the rapper began to plot the release of new music. He shared a snippet on his Instagram page, which seems like it could possibly address the incident at length. However, he thanked his fans and supporters for staying by his side throughout the trial. “Spent 2 years of my life going thru the storm and I’m happy to say that God finally brought the truth to light. Thank you,” he captioned the post. Check out his response from his Instagram page above.