Just over a month away from its release, Universal has unleashed another (and presumably final) trailer for the eighth film in the franchise’s surprisingly long history. This one puts the new villain Cipher (played by Charlize Theron) front and center after previous trailers kept her mostly under wraps.

In the over-three-minute trailer, we see Cipher’s ability to manipulate masses of cars at once for her devious purposes, which seems like typical over-the-top Fast and the Furious ridiculousness, but is actually a very real possibility with cars coming with operating systems and internet connections these days.

The Rock and Jason Statham go at each other in the trailer before being forced to team up, and the team continues its quip-heavy dialogue. Pretty much the only mystery remaining is how Cipher is able to control Dom.

The movie drops April 14, and its soundtrack is shaping up to have more than a few bangers.


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