In a story that will make you not want to go on the internet for a while, an Australian man was recently charged with 931 counts of child sex charges after he was found to be impersonating Justin Bieber online and using the persona to convince underage kids to do inappropriate things.

The charges range from rape, indecent treatment of children and making child-exploitation material. The convicted man, Gordon Douglas Chalmers was a law lecturer at a university in Queensland, Australia, and was reportedly active since 2007. He would use, Facebook, Skype and other platforms to communicate with the victims, although based on his photo it’s unclear how he was able to pull off the illusion.

The 42 year old former university lecturer will be in court on April 6, and safe to say he should be going away for a long time. To quote an ancient internet proverb: “Hide Yo Kids.” Justin Bieber has yet to weigh in on the story.



Online Justin Bieber Impersonator Popped For 900+ Counts Of Child Pornography