As she awaits the arrival of her second baby, Summer Walker’s name has been in and out of the headlines. Firstly, she addressed fan questions about her relationship with her second baby daddy, Larry, which has now come to an end.

Secondly, the R&B starlet has been speaking out regarding this year’s Grammy nominations. As you may have heard, the Still Over It hitmaker is just one of the artists that people feel was snubbed in the latest round of nods. Thankfully, she’s not letting the frustrating situations get her down.

Rather, the Atlanta native looks to be having more fun than ever before. For instance, today she’s trying her hand at the rap game with a single called “Sense dat God gave you.”

For the project, Walker connected with another artist named Sexyy Red, and the two put together a ghetto-fabulous music video that finds them twerking while filling their cars up with fuel.

“Put that cash straight in my hand / If you got the sense that God gave you / Don’t leave me ’round your man,” she sings on the chorus. “We finna tear down the mall / You know we got a plan / I dropped a perc in his drank / And I don’t give a damn.”

Check out the “Sense dat God gave you” music video below. Afterward, let us know if you’d like to hear more rap songs from Summer Walker in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics:

Everybody be goin’ to jail so I think it’s best that you call me back
It’s my money and I need it now, take it anyway and anyhow
You tryna hit this p*ssy, n*gga, I hope you got a few hundred thousands
Buy me bags and buy me shoes, you know exactly what to do
We speedin’ down to 85
I’m high as f*ck and finna have a good time