A couple has been arrested for the murder of a 19-year-old man in Oak Cliff, TX last week. According to Dallas News, Dallas police obtained footage of the pair incriminating themselves while broadcasting via Facebook Live. In the recording, which you can see below, the couple shows off firearms and ammunition, and they allude to having recently shot someone. 

The couple, 17-year-old Hakeem Leprince Griffin-White and 27-year-old Ashely Ann Coleman, were arrested on Sunday. They have each been charged with one count of murder. Coleman is being held on $500,000 bail, and police said Griffin-White is being held for the same amount, though jail records list his bail at $200,000. 

They have each been charged for the murder of Drekeiston Alex, who was shot in the middle of the street on Thursday afternoon. He attempted to run away but collapsed soon after he was shot. He was taken to Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, where he was pronounced dead. 

Officers had released surveillance footage — see below — of the shooter, who can be seen dressed in all black. He fled in a red Chrysler PT Cruiser that was driven by another person. Several witnesses reportedly told police that the PT Cruiser belonged to Coleman.  

Police went to an address provided by a witness, where a chase ensued involving the PT Cruiser as well as a U-Haul truck. The PT Cruiser got away, but officers eventually stopped the U-Haul truck, whose driver said that the couple driving the PT Cruiser had offered to pay him to help them move. 

After surveilling the same address, another vehicle pursuit began when a white sedan appeared at the house and then drove off. During the chase, the passenger in the sedan exited the car and ran off. The driver of the car would reveal to police that a woman had paid him to drive her to her home. He then led police to an address where they found the PT Cruiser. 

The extent to which the couple’s self-incrimination on Facebook Live was connected to their arrest is unclear. 

An Instagram pic, posted last week, showing the couple each holding weapons of the couple was shared by Dallas News. “I’m his Bonnie he my Clyde,” Coleman wrote in the caption. 

Coleman and Griffin-White both alluded to the possibility of them being murder suspects via Facebook status updates they each wrote on March 3, a day after Alex’s murder and two days before their arrests. “Why Would I Kill Somebody While My Gurr Son Inna Car Df,” wrote Griffin-White, while Coleman, with the help of crying emojis, pleaded her innocence: “I’m Far From A Murderer. I Swear To God Its All An Image.” 

It turns out that Coleman is a rapper, who operates under the name Mamme Kash. She holds a pistol and makes death threats in her most popular video, entitled “Shots Fired,” which is meant to be a diss aimed at Dallas-bred female rapper Asian Doll.  

Bonnie & Clyde

"Bonnie & Clyde" Couple Charged With Murder After Self-Snitching On Facebook Live