London rapper Little Simz comes through with her latest track “Backseat”, which finds the twenty-three year old emcee going in over some eerie production. Her flow is on point, delivering rapid-fire truths with a confident swagger. It’s clear from her previous album that Simz has love for Alice In Wonderland, which is appropriate considering the Astronote laced beat shares a similar vibe as the freaky-ass classic video game American Mcgee’s Alice soundtrack. 

As far as bars, Simz impresses with a capable blend of flow and lyricism. She has yet to fall back on sexuality to sell records, and maintains a sense of artistic integrity with every project. Overall, this track is a promising look at the young artist’s new direction.

Quotable Lyrics

Give me some time and a little space, I’ll figure it out
They wanna know my whereabouts and who I’m around
Been in Wonderland for time tryin’ to find a way out
You can hear it in my rhymes I be thinkin’ aloud