R-Mean often writes his raps with a narrative bend, and “W.A.R.” is one of his more complex storylines. The song recalls Eminem’s “Stan” as it uses letters to express the voice of its characters. The verses revolve around William, Ray, and April. William is April’s husband, and Ray her brother. Both men are enlisted in the war as they write home with updates. Needless to say, the story takes many twists and turns. 

Last week, R-Mean collaborated The Game on “Open Wounds X,” which he shared in remembrance of the Armenian Genocide.

Stay tuned for another Mean Mondays release from R-Mean next week.

Quotable Lyrics:
I got news for you, darling
This is my last letter
It’s official, as of this morning
We gonna be back together
I’m finally coming home
I can’t believe I’m a father
And haven’t seen my own daughter
Bet she’s sweet as her momma