A day before his album Bulletproof‘s release, Memphis spitter Young Dolph teases us again with the new single “Pray For My Enemies.” Three weeks ago, Dolph turned heads with “That’s How I Feel,” featuring Gucci Mane.

Riffing 2Pac’s best quotes, Young Dolph rhymes about his haters being sick of him. As in “Hail Mary,” Dolph literally prays for the men who want to help him meet his end. A few weeks ago, the “Cut It” emcee survived a shooting in North Carolina where 100 bullets landed everywhere but on his person. Sources say he was riding in a bulletproof SUV.

Listen to “Pray For My Enemies” right here.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m drinking lean and she drinking Hennessy
Gucci bitch with porn star tendencies
I put her on a plane to come and visit me
Got time for her to go back she didn’t wanna leave

— Young Dolph