Last week, Nicki Minaj’s brother Jelani Maraj rejected the prosecution’s plea deal offer of 15 years to life for the charges of predatory sexual assault against a child and sexual conduct against a child, despite the prosecutor telling his legal team that they had obtained evidence of his DNA on the victim’s pants in the form of his sperm. Now the defense has revealed their strategy to Bossip, and it’s not exactly groundbreaking.

David Schwartz, lawyer for Maraj, plans to argue in court that the semen found on the 12 year old victim’s pants could have come from incidental contact since the two lived in the same house. “When you live in the same house, your DNA is everywhere,” Schwartz said. “The fact that Jelani’s DNA was found on a pair of pants is really meaningless.” I don’t know about y’all, but my semen is definitely not “everywhere” in my house.

Perhaps a bigger deal is that Schwartz says he has a way to prove the soiled pajama pants were placed among the victim’s belongings by someone else. We’ll see if Maraj’s crack legal team can keep him out of prison. 

The case is slated to begin later this month, and Minaj is apparently still bankrolling her brother.


Lawyer For Nicki Minaj’s Brother Says He Can Disprove DNA Evidence