Feelin’ like Dumbledore, LA-via-FL rapper Max P is telling these other rappers to “Humble YAHSELF” on his new single, which features the brilliant (and humble) Ugly God. The track is produced by 1matic and Max P himself. 

The song is predictably humorous but also totally on point with its message. “Humble YAHSELF” is the first single off Max’s upcoming 3D EP, which will include additional features from Bones and Goth Money’s Black Kray. 

Those unfamiliar with Max P should check out his biggest track, “GANG,” produced by Danny Wolf. 

Quotable Lyrics

Bitch I beat my meat dry, I don’t need no lotion 
Yes I sip muddy Sprite, thick purple potion 
Watch me fuck yo bitch, yeah she wet just like the ocean

– Ugly God