When Dear White People released in 2014, it touched on an experience common for many black Americans but not often spoken about. Recognizing the opportunity, Netflix and Lionsgate Productions (who also created Orange Is The New Black together) have created a 10-episode Dear White People show based on the independent film of the same name. Today the show’s first trailer gives us a look at what the Netflix series will look like.

Writer and creative mind behind the show Justin Simien returns for the TV show, but the lead role is being played by Logan Browning instead of Tessa Thompson. The plot looks similar to the movie, with the main character Samantha White running a racially-charged radio show at fictional Winchester University and taking white students to task for inappropriate blackface costumes. However, with a full 10 episodes to work with, we’re expecting the show will go even deeper than the film did.

The show will premiere on April 28. Are you going to be watching?


Watch The First Trailer For Netflix's "Dear White People" & See The Release Date