The Chicken Connoissuer is a 23 year old kid named Elijah Quashie (even though he looks like he’s 15) from London whose populist fried chicken shop reviews went viral at the end of last year. Now sitting at a cool half million subscribers, he’s got enough clout to come to New York City and link up with A$AP Bari. The two talk Bari’s VLONE brand (Quashie gets a pair of the Air Force 1s) and then go check out three decidedly lowbrow but classic chicken spots in New York City: Texas in Harlem, Kennedy Chicken in The Bronx and Crown Fried Chicken in Brooklyn.

The video is entertaining because of Elijah Quashie’s quick wit and hilarious descriptions of the grimy chicken joints. He really enjoys the fries though. A$AP Bari also makes some blasphemous comments about American fried chicken, saying he greatly prefers the fried chicken in England to the stuff made over here. Check out the video below, the reviews are not glowing.


YouTube Sensation The Chicken Connoisseur Links Up With A$AP Bari