The Houston streets are talking, and they’re telling us that this new artist, StackzTooTrill, has got a banger with this song called “Juice”. Already receiving a co-sign from OG Maco, StackzTooTrill is looking to take the record to the next level, and here’s the start of that.

Making his HNHH debut tonight, StackzTooTrill delivers a certified banger for the streets. Highlighted by its infectious production and melodic flow, “Juice” is nice introduction into the aspiring artist that is known as StackzTooTrill. No word yet as for where this will end up, or if a project is on the way, but who cares right now, just enjoy this banger.

Check it out and let us know what ya think! While you’re at it, hit Stackz with a follow on twitter for all his latest music and updates.

Quotable Lyrics:

Rock that all white when I’m feelin’ Cali
She all on me, I’m that nigga prolly
Niggas get mad when they see you got juice
I am so fly I might fuck threw the roof