911 Dispatcher Says Kanye West Was Experiencing "Psychiatric Emergency"

Kanye West was apparently hospitalized for a "psychiatric emergency."

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The world is confused and torn up over Kanye West's recent controversial behavior, followed by his hospitalization for "sleep deprivation." According to law enforcement, Kanye was "acting erratically." In the last 12 hours, even more details have come to light, with a newly surfaced fire department radio call obtained by TMZ.

The dispatcher on the call refers to the situation as a "psychiatric emergency." Kanye West was at his personal trainer Harley Pasternak's house at the time that 911 was called. West was taken from there to the UCLA Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation. No reports yet on how his wife Kim Kardashian and their family is dealing with the news.

Listen to the entire fire department dispatch call below. Kanye West, we're praying for you, bro.

Kanye West

911 Dispatcher Says Kanye West Was Experiencing "Psychiatric Emergency"
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