Xzibit’s Restless album dropped when I was in elementary school (feeling like an old-ass-man right now), an era where Dr. Dre and Eminem basically dominated the game. The early two-thousands also featured Eminem in his prime on basically every level – flow, lyrics, voice, production, album output. When people cite Eminem as the GOAT, it’s pretty much because of his 1999-2003 run. And while nowadays, people tend to remember Xzibit for Pimp My Ride or the “I heard you like ____ so I put ___ in your ____” meme, dude was a formidable and respected emcee. His Restless LP is a classic in my books, and one of my formative albums. 

Slim Shady & Xzibit have always blended well together, with classic tracks like What’s The Difference,” “Bitch Please 2,” & “My Name.”  Their crowning achievement might just be “Don’t Approach Me,” a dark, Em-laced cut. The track features some lyrically dope venting from both parties, with Eminem’s verses centering around his post-MMLP celebrity status. Xzibit and Eminem both come correct with a pair of verses each, blending the perfect mix of vulnerability and frustration. 

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I certainly miss this era. Do yourself a favor and check out Xzibit’s Restless. You won’t regret it. 

Quotable Lyrics

So do I gotta buy a whole block to myself
A front door with twelve locks
And have a bodyguard walk me out to my mailbox
And every time somebody makes a threat, run and tell cops?
Fuck that, I protect myself with these twelve shots
And one in the chamber, gun in the waist
And one in the ankle, waitin’ for someone to come to my place
Tryna walk up and knock, like these cocksuckers are not
Gonna get a shotgun or a Glock shoved in their face

– Eminem