Freddie Gibbs – “Amnesia”

Freddie Gibbs’ “Amnesia” is not one to forget.

BYMitch Findlay
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While Freddie Gibbs' latest album You Only Live 2wice is filled with back-to-back bangers, "Amnesia" delivers with haunting swagger. The beat, concocted by Dupri, Jay Nari, DNYC3, & Speakerbomb is made up by some monk-style chanting, reversed and harmonized with a sparse key line. Backed by frantic drums, Freddie lays down some wisdom, spitting about his lavish lifestyle and celebrating the ignorance is bliss mentality. Caught by the cops? Doesn't matter, he's got amnesia. Girl searches his phone? Amnesia. 

"Amnesia," can be found on You Only Live 2wice, which is well worth a listen or several.   

Quotable Lyrics

I got a stripper bitch took her home beat it to pieces
Girl searched a n***a phone I caught amnesia
Back to back to back both times
Took a bitch from the cheap seats from the nose bleeds to the court side
Told the haters stand with young Freddy Kane on the East side that's the dope side

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