Dae Dae and London On Tha Track’s The DefAnition mixtape was quietly one of the best mixtapes of 2016. After staying relatively quiet for the months since its release, Dae Dae reappears on Ca$h Out’s Different mixtape, finding a kindred spirit in the fellow melodic trapper. Dae Dae handles the hook on “Da Partments,” which operates in the same deceptively catchy pocket of much of The DefAnition‘s best moments. By the time he hands the mic to Ca$h Out, they’re very much on the same page — adding clever, catchy twists to the strip club-ready street rap their city favors.

You can listen to Ca$h Out’s full new project here.

Quotable Lyrics:
We used to play with them sticks
Now it’s palm trees and lemonade
We used to order them bricks
Now we booked up for many days