Pries is back on HNHH, dropping a soulful new single produced by June A. called “Stay Woke.” Exhibiting more and more self-exploration in his tracks, Pries plays with conceptions of physical consciousness and the ideas of wokeness.

When the world is sleeping on you, you’ve got to remember that your worth doesn’t have to be determined by external validation. Pries brings these ideas to the forefront, letting go of pre-conceived notions of self-worth in exchange for the wiser and healthier.

Give “Stay Woke” a listen, and make sure you let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Have you been staying woke lately?

Quotable Lyrics:
This ain’t one for the album
This is for the bitches that was doubting
And this is for the nigags that was clowning
You ain’t gotta say it but we know you so proud of him