As much as many feel that Newburgh, NY is too far away, Pardison Fontaine doesn’t allow the distance to keep him away from the music. See the Newburgh resident has always heard the same thing, “Where is Newburgh?” “That is so far away from Manhattan!” But to him, whether he is in Newburgh or in Timbuktu, the music is still going to come and he’s going to make sure everyone hears it. Which is why he just dropped the visual for “Foodstamps.”

“Foodstamps” features Pardison in his hood, living life to the fullest and having a good time off of his EBT card. It’s the perfect visual to match the track and it is just a taste of what Pardison has coming up next for listeners. Don’t sleep. Newburgh may be far off but Pardison’s music isn’t.  

Watch “Foodstamps” above and make sure to check out “In The Field” and the remix of the track with Fabolous & Casanova.