If you've been following 50 Cent's online presence at all, you're definitely familiar with his now infamous catchphrase: "Get the strap."

50 usually puts it at the end of all his Instagram posts, and always after calling somebody out or clowning on somebody. The phrase has reached a level of popularity to where it's gone viral, and has even prompted an NYPD investigation into 50 Cent when he used it about a police officer. 

Fan's of 50 Cent's ongoing television series, Power, that airs on Starz. The line was originally spoken by 50's character, Kanan Starks, in one of the episodes. 

During a video interview about the show's upcoming sixth season, 50 Cent revealed some shocking information: his now infamous line wasn't invented by him, but rather by the show's creator, Courtney Kemp. 

Considering how much the phrase has grown in popularity, and how much it sounds like something 50 would say in real life, the phrase has started to take on a life of its own outside of the show. 50, however, is willing to expose himself in order to give props to the writer on his show, a respectful gesture. 

In the video, 50 also talks about how he'll actually be directing several episodes of the show in the upcoming season. This will be 50 Cent's return to the director's chair, after his direct-to-video film Before I Self-Destruct was released alongside his fourth album of the same name. 

Now everybody knows the true meaning behind "get the strap." Check out the interview with 50 Cent and Courtney Kemp down below.