50 Cent's latest catchphrase has been getting him into some trouble but it's definitely been picking up. The rapper found himself under investigation by the NYPD earlier in the year and was possibly facing charges for misdemeanor aggravated harassment due to the "Get The Strap" slogan. However, he already had plans to trademark the catchphrase for the sake of selling merchandise like phone cases, t-shirts, hats and more. Clearly, he had plans on making "Get The Strap" bigger than simply an Instagram hashtag. The rapper shared a thank you to everyone who's been using the catch phase on Instagram earlier today.

50 Cent thanked his fans who've used his controversial catchphrase after sharing a screenshot of Urban Dictionary's definition. It's now the top definition on Urban Dictionary. It's defined as, "A boss phrase meaning someone has ticked you off so you're going to escalate the situation. Popularised by 50 Cent's Instagram posts and the show 'Power'." 

In the caption, 50 wrote, "check this shit out, thank you if you have said get the strap. HipHop culture we run the world. This made me want to write again New music on the way. get the strap."

While thankful for the recognition, the slogan has playfully been used against Fif. Snoop Dogg shared a meme that asked who would win in a fight between himself, 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa. Snoop said, "I'll fight Wiz and loose but 50 Cent I'm getting the strap."