It's no secret that 50 Cent isn't on friendly terms with Ebro Darden. The rapper has spoken out about him in the past and he'll continue to do so in the future. With the current situation that his "son" is in, 50 has made it a point to stand up for his kin, tackling Ebro and questioning his ties to the NYPD. Yesterday, their differences continued as the radio personality suggested that 50 is snitching in regards to Tekashi's situation. Fiddy doesn't take well to being labeled a snitch as he defended himself fairly quickly, turning the tables altogether.

The Power producer hit Instagram with a message for Ebro, asking him a few important questions after revealing he had a source within the police. He asked, "Come on man, how did your conversation start with the police. How often do you have Starbucks and go over current events? Positive vibes." Fif is suggesting that Ebro deals frequently with the NYPD, considering his knowledge of the 6ix9ine situation.

As of today, a few updates have broken out regarding the federal charges against the rainbow-haired rapper. He was first reported to have been released but that was incorrect. It was later corrected that he was simply moved for preventative measures. Ebro is bound to respond to this and we'll keep you posted when he does.