50 Cent is getting more and more pissed off (but also more and more intrigued, it seems) with a series of murals in which he's painted as different public figures. Street artist Lushsux, known for painting various celebrities as other celebrities to produce comedic results, has been on a bit of a 50-streak lately, painting Fif as Tekashi 6ix9ine, Donald Trump, and Post Malone, to name a few. Earlier this week, he mashed up 50 Cent with former Communist leader of China, Mao Zedung, although Fif mistook him for Kim Jong Un. Now, Lushsux has continued "50 week"—which he's considering turning into "50 month"—with a new mural, and Fif's really starting to lose it.


"Man look at this sh*t," he wrote on the photo of "Swifty Cent," along with an angry face emoji. "TF is wrong with this guy he won’t stop." He also posted a video of Lushsux creating the work of art, threatening to jump him.


"Swifty cent i’d like to hit this MF right in the back of his head while he doing this sh*t," he wrote. Prior to this depiction of Fif as America's former sweetheart, Lushsuxx opted to paint Fif as himself for a change, but with one small, outrageous detail.


"Woooowww fiddy with no brim," the artist wrote on the photo, which shows Fif donning a navy blue Yankees hat with no brim. Fif shared this piece on his Instagram as well, speculating that someone might be paying Lushsuxx to use him as his primary subject.


"He did another one, on live TF is going on," 50 wrote. "If i find out, ew let me find out somebody paid him to do this." Lushsuxx later denied that he'd been hired to do these murals of Fif.

Who should he paint 50 Cent as next?