Shortly after Ja Rule dubbed his 50 Cent/Eminem assaulting "Loose Change" among the most "disrespectful diss records of all time," 50 Cent clearly felt his ears burning. It didn't take long for Fif to clap back with a response, and thus prolonging one of hip-hop's most longstanding and heated feuds. The notorious troll posted a picture of the barren, depressing Fyre Festival wasteland, with a picture-in-picture of a shrugging Ja Rule. As the say, the picture truly said a thousand words. Fans will no doubt recall the hilariously doomed Fyre Festival, which we watched implode in real time; t'was glorious. 

For those younger listeners who might only know the Murda Inc vs Shady/Aftermath beef through legend, rest assured that it was truly a spectacle to be hold. You have to remember, Ja Rule was once a massive artist, dropping hit after hit; he ultimately found himself embroiled in beef during the height of his career. As the feud intensified, both parties called in reinforcements.

For 50 Cent, that meant Dr. Dre, Eminem, Obie Trice, and D12, who all held it down with harsh contributions to the war effort. Unfortunately for Ja, their combined force proved insurmountable, though he certainly fought valiantly. But that is one for the history books.

In the mean time, peep 50's response to Ja's recent proclamations. It's as petty as you might expect. Somehow, he neglected to sign off with his signature catchphrase "get the strap" on Twitter. It was, however, most certainly implied. 

Fif wasn't done. The rapper indeed came through with the strap on Instagram, citing Ja's original post with a response of his own. "Yo look at this, this n***a still think he in lt," writes 50. "Look at me fool, I’m the reason you driving a Uber you bum ass nigga. LMAO😡get the strap"