If you've been following along as legal documents get released to the media regarding Dr. Dre's divorce with Nicole Young, his wife of over twenty-four years, you know just how ugly things have gotten.

It's been an absolute mess with all of the love they shared thrown out the window as money and greed appear to have taken over. Considering Dr. Dre's billion-dollar empire, it's not all too surprising to see the turns that their divorce has taken.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

This weekend, it was reported that Nicole Young fought with her lawyers to be recognized as a co-owner of the name "Dr. Dre" as well as the legendary producer's classic album The Chronic. The claim was part of her lawsuit against the Beats giant. 

Over the course of the last several months, Dre's close friend 50 Cent has been backing him up online, slandering his estranged wife and calling her "crazy" for some of the things she's said in their separation. Today was no different.

Reposting a headline about Nicole's claim that she allegedly co-owns the trademark behind "Dr. Dre" and his monumental album, 50 Cent wrote: "Entitlement is a mother fucker." He then went on to plug his own book, which is all about bossing up in an intelligent manner, and not through legal loopholes like this. "Hustle harder Hustle smarter available where all books are sold," he wrote.

What do you think about Dr. Dre's ongoing divorce with Nicole Young?