Considering the fact that they spent over twenty years of their lives together, a twenty-one-hour deposition shouldn't be the biggest deal in the world for Dr. Dre to take part in. After all, he and his estranged wife have a lot of time to sift through if they want to get their desired outcomes in their divorce proceedings. 

Still, many are reacting with wide eyes about Nicole Young requesting a twenty-hour-hour deposition for Dr. Dre as she seeks to gain half of his billion-dollar fortune.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Following his comments about the ongoing separation this weekend where he called Nicole Young "crazy," 50 Cent chimed in on another report about Dre and his estranged wife, taking to Instagram to share his thoughts.

Posting a picture of a headline stating that Nicole Young is demanding his presence for a deposition that lasts nearly a full day, Fif said: "21 hour deposition and OJ is out, wait let me think."

Nicole Young and Dr. Dre filed for divorce earlier this year and, ever since, things have gotten very ugly between them. The mega-producer's estranged wife is claiming that their prenuptial agreement is void because, two years after their marriage, Dre ripped up the papers in an act of affection. Dre argues that that means nothing.

Do you think Nicole Young will end up taking ownership of half of Dre's empire?